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Social, Environmental


Audit of social conditions of factory workers and verification of the conformity with local Labor law and requirements from the international accountability standard SA8000:2015 or customer code of conduct (or CoC) which describes what the working conditions in the factories should be.


Audit of the environmental conditions and verification of the conformity with local environmental regulations and requirements from international standard ISO14001 or customer code of conduct (or CoC).


Our experienced team of professionals carefully assesses and evaluates production processes to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards.


We offer inspections during the production process, pre-shipment inspections, and non-conformity inspections to ensure that your products meet the highest quality standards.


We offer training for your team: from quality assurance to social and environnemental topics.

Carbon Footprint

We offer comprehensive carbon footprint assessment services to help you identify areas where you can reduce your carbon emissions and improve your sustainability practices.

Life Cycle
Assessment (LCA)

We will work with you to analyze the entire lifecycle of your product, from raw material extraction and production to transportation, use, and end-of-life. we offer practical recommendations for reducing your environmental impact and improving your sustainability practices.

Who we are 'Ethical supply chain
management service

Responsabilitas is a European consultancy with headquarters in Asia, proposing ethical supply chain management services in multiple countries. We see sustainability as an opportunity for humankind, we are committed to increase the workers and environment conditions of your strategic suppliers in respects of the standards of ILO convention.

With over 30 years of cumulated experience, our multicultural team made a simple observation: monitoring is necessary but not enough to settle sustainable changes in the supply chain.
We help our customers in this transitional period, to be accountable for their sustainable supply chain, carbon footprint analysis and sustainable improvements. We have developed consulting and training services to mitigate the risk and empower your ethical supply chain.

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Tools 'Our methodology

  • Social auditing: We evaluate the production procedures, policies and code of conduct of your key suppliers to find out the ways in which they can impact society and workers’ conditions.
  • Environmental auditing: We examine your suppliers practices, procedures and policies related to environmental management, assessing their compliance to determine how well they manager their environmental impact.
  • Environmental assessment and Carbon Footprint Analysis, LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) projects and consulting.
  • Trainings: We provide trainings to your sourcing and CSR team to improve their knowledge on the social and environmental subjects (foundation level, advanced level, traceability).
  • One-to-one consulting: We social and environmental one-to-one consulting services to factories with a special eye local and global regulations.
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United Emirates, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines

France, Spain, Portugal, Swiss, Italy, Serbia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey